24-year-old Craig Colton appeared on the X Factor in the UK in late 2011. He wowed the judges with his soulful voice and stunning delivery and proved a huge hit with the show’s audience. He received a standing ovation in his home town of Liverpool, which was hosting the auditions for the first time in the programme’s eight year history.

Under the wing of X Factor mentor Gary Barlow, Craig quickly built up a great fan-base around the world with his strong performances of tracks by the likes of Adele and Christina Perri, and eventually came in a respectful 6th place in that season’s overall standings. 

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Craig admits that coming from a musical household has had a lasting effect on his taste in music. From a young age he was introduced to the soulful voices of Motown and the raw sounds of rock. Many of Craig’s influences come directly from his mum and dad’s music collection.

Craig took inspiration from the melodys of The Carpenters and Simon and Garfunkle to the tones of Roberta Flack and Etta James, right down to the legendary performances of Marvin Gaye and the Temptations. Craig then started to write music and lyrics in high school after being introduced to the 90′s soul group Boyz II Men. After listening to the group’s creative choices it quickly started to form his love for music. 

Craig has recently been working with a number of writers, including the team behind Christina Perri’s ‘Jar of Hearts’ and Grammy & Ivor Novello Award Winning songwriter / producer Eliot Kennedy. He’s also had the  guidance and support of British legend Robbie Williams helping Craig develop his song-writing skills whilst recording tracks in the studio for his Debut Album.


Moving to London after his appearance on the X Factor, Craig has maintained his strong fan following, and 2013 will see the release of his highly anticipated debut album, and will also see him head out on the road on a UK tour.

Craig would love to thank his family and friends for always being supportive and being the inspiration for many of his songs. Before all the madness starts he would love to thank his fans for constantly making him smile and keep him working harder every day in studio. In his own words ‘its all for you’